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Choosing the massage therapist that's right for you

Typically, when you decide to get a massage you have some idea as to why you're going. You may want to relieve stress, tension, pain, insomnia, depression or a variety of other problems.

Deciding you need a massage therapist is the easy part, choosing one is often more difficult. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Ask a friend. If you have a friend who sees a massage therapist don't be shy and ask them for a reference.

Speak with the massage therapist to making an appointment. A good massage therapist will be willing to discuss your expectations and what style of massage will work best to relieve your symptoms.

Inquire about their fees. Typically a massage will last one hour but it is a good idea to ask how long the massage will last and whether they allow extra time at the end of your session for rebooking and discussion, if necessary.

Inquire about their facilities -- you may prefer to be seen an office setting rather than in the home of the massage therapist.

Credentials are important -- making sure the massage therapist is licensed! Ask about how long they've been practicing, where they were schooled, how many hours of training did they complete and if they've had any advanced training in specific massage techniques.

Finally, if you are uncomfortable being fully undressed, you can discuss alternative options with your massage therapist. A good massage therapist will be accommodating to your needs, if they're not, you can always find a massage therapist who will.

Because massage is so personal taking the time to find a good match between client and massage therapist will greatly improve your experience.

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