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Today's man is faced with more mental and physical demands than ever before, and for this reason, our well-being is in serious jeopardy.

Because taste is typically more important than nutrition, over 90 percent of men's diets lack key nutrients that are essential for optimum health. Supplementing the diet with daily multi-vitamins rich in antioxidants, calcium, vitamin E and vitamin B can help balance our diets.

Proper diet, regular exercise and a good nights rest are critical. Men who are always on the go and don't have enough time eat right, exercise and sleep may benefit from taking a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement.

Besides the obvious importance of vitamins and minerals, botanicals are also beneficial for supporting many male bodily functions. For example, saw palmetto supports the glands and prostate health; damiana balances male hormones supporting the reproductive system; oat straw, a rich source of calcium and silicon, supports the nervous system; and the amino acid, arginine, helps increase male energy levels.

As we get older we are more susceptible to a variety of health issues, including prostate problems, colon disorders and urinary dysfunctions. Focusing on our bodies now, instead of as an after thought, can prevent health problems from getting out of control. Taking care of our bodies should be the first task on our daily agendas!

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