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Ageless Beauty

by Dayle Haddon
A Woman's Guide to Lifelong Beauty and Wellbeing. Haddon reveals which specific products she swears by, where to buy them, and how to use them; but also offers tips on nutrition, and how to ensure a good night's sleep, boost your energy, even meditate. Haddon's book is down-to-earth, fun to read, and sure to appeal.

Health and Beauty the Natural Way

by Nerys Purchon
Health and Beauty the Natural Way offers 256 pages of simple, safe, natural recipes for all your health and beauty needs. Make your own herbal masks that helps soften your skin and improve its natural glow.

Modern & Healthy Body Care

by Karin Bombeli, Peter Ansdell
Recipes for Professional, Natural Skin and Hair Care Products. Modern & Healthy Body Care is a comprehensive natural beauty guide that offers lots of natural recipes that are easy to follow. It also provides descriptive ingredient lists that are easily found in many stores.

The Natural Beauty & Bath Book

by Casey Kellar, Leslie Dierke (Editor)
Nature's Luxurious Recipes for Body & Skin Care. Create you own oils, shampoos, lotions and masks that improve your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

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