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English Lavender English Lavender
Some classic scents never go out of style. From the start Caswell & Massey's used only English lavender because of its vibrant color and distinctive fragrance. Today they are pleased to announce an expanded collection of English lavender bath and beauty products. Some may think them old fashioned. But for we think they are as fresh and new as tomorrow's rain.

English Lavender Signature Scent Spray
English Lavender Cologne Spray English Lavender -- the variety that grows around thatched cottages in the Cotswalds -- has been used for generations to fragrance our body and bath collection. That's one reason, perhaps, why it continues to be so popular today. Our English Lavender Signature Scent Spay is a versatile scent enjoyed by all. 3 oz. natural spray bottle.
(3 oz spray) $30.00

English Lavender Body Lotion
Use our English Lavender Body Lotion to moisturize and protect the skin. Boxed 8.2 oz. bottle with pump dispenser.
(8.2 oz pump) $17.00
English Lavender Hand cream

English Lavender Hand Cream
Perfect for desk drawer or travel bag! The relaxing scent of Lavender in a hand cream that moisturizes and protects dry skin. Boxed 1.75 oz. tube.
(1.75 oz) $12.00

English Lavender Bath Gel English Lavender Foaming Bath Gel
English Lavender Foaming Bath Gel gives an old-fashioned scented bath while it cleanses and conditions the skin. 8.5 oz. bottle.
(8.5 oz bottle) $16.00

English Lavender Perfumed Soap
English Lavender Soap New larger bath size bars! Our English Lavender Bath Soap is as richly fragrant as an English Garden. Triple-milled for long-lasting fragrance. Box of three 3.25 oz. bars.
(Three 3.25 oz bars) $18.00

English Lavender Liquid Soap English Lavender Liquid Soap
The convenience of a liquid soap with the calming scent of lavender in a hygienic pump dispenser. 8.2 oz.
(8.2 oz) $12.00

English Lavender Talc English Lavender Talc
Just a hint of lavender in a quality talc. 3.5 oz. tole dispenser.
(3.5 oz tole dispenser) $12.00

English Lavender gift Set
Bring your friends and family the refreshing scent of lavender that grows in fragrant English Lavender Gift Set knot gardens near English manor houses. Our beautifully boxed gift collection includes Lavender Foaming Bath Gel (5.8 oz.), Body Lotion (8.2 oz.) and a fragrant cake of soap (3.25 oz.).

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