Kama Sutra

Taste-tingling oils to lure a lover's lips, soothing unguents to prolong passion, sinfully sweet chocolate to brush on and lick off wherever your sweet tooth desires, this collection of sensual creations cuts to the very core of Kama Sutra, where fostering intimacy in loving relationships is our true heart's desire. Designed for your pulse-pounding pleasure, each item awaits your discovery. Do you dare?

Oil of Love

Oils of Love
Embark upon a new adventure in body exploration using the Oils of Love as your guide. The quintessential Kama Sutra product, The Original Oil of Love was our very first offering, now available in seven ambrosial flavors. Silky to the touch and enchanting to the taste, a whisper-soft blow on these delicately scented oils warms the skin with a tingly glow. Where the hand first discovers their presence, the lips are sure to follow. Each irresistibly edible water-based oil washes away easily, leaving only the sweet memory of a lingering touch.
Original Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
A delicately spicy cinnamon flavor.
Chocolate Mint Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
A mingling of sultry dark chocolate and refreshing mint.
Cherry Almond Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
A blend of succulent cherries and toasted almonds.
Raspberry Kiss Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
The enticing kiss of tart, juicy scarlet treasures.
Vanilla Creme Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
The essence of pure vanilla and smooth, rich cream.
Tangerines & Cream Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
Tart tangerines sweetened with smooth-as-silk cream.
Tropical Mango Oil of Love (4 oz) $14.00
Melt-in-your-mouth mango for a taste of the tropics.

Collection Set Collection Set
Challenge your lover to name every one of these delicious flavors within the Kama Sutra Collection Set with their eyes closed. The set features a tempting array of our favorite Oils of Love. These magical potions heat up on contact, imparting a warm, tingly glow wherever they are rubbed. Slippery to the touch and irresistible to the tongue, the Kama Sutra Collection Set is sure to be one collection you won’t mind delving into.
Collection Set $30.00
Contains: .75 oz. each of Oil of Love: The Original, Chocoloate Mint, Cherry Almond, Raspberry Kiss, and Vanilla Crème.

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