PURE COLORS Application Product
Any of the PURE COLORS can be used as an Eye Shadow, Blush, Eye Liner, Lip Color, Nail Polish, Bronzer,
Body Shimmer or Highlighter for your Hair.


Clear Lipstick Base - To apply PURE COLORS Clear Lipstick Base use a lip brush, dip it into the desired color and apply to the lips. Clear Lipstick Base

Clear Lipstick Base

PURE COLORS Clear Lipstick Base $10.00


Clear Nail Polish Clear Nail Polish
Pure Colors mineral powders can be used with clear nail polish for a customized look that will suit any mood.


PURE COLORS Clear Nail Polish $5.00

Eyeliner Sealer - The sealer is a sealant for the eyeliner and eyeshadow, which will remain for 1-2 days, if not removed with water or a cleansing facial wash.

Clear Lipstick Base

PURE COLORS Eyeliner Sealer $12.00

Pure Colors Matte FX Primer
Whether you have naturally oily eyelids, very dry eyelids, or find yourself
in an environment that affects your skin’s oil production, Pure Colors matte
FX primer is the perfect fix. The primer has multiple functions:
• Formulated with light pigments to conceal eye lid discoloration and brighten darker shadows.
• Provides a more matte consistency for the shimmer powders.
• Provides superior adhesion for long-lasting wear, but allows for easy glide-on application that will not get clumpy.

PURE COLORS Matte FX Primer $15.00

Check out the complete PURE COLORS collection.

**(When using the eye liner sealer it stays on the whole day doesn't smudge or move, it will even stay for 2 days if you don't wash it off)

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