Eucalyptus body lotion Eucalyptus
Arching, gray-green trees native to Australia yield eucalyptus oil, prized for its invigorating character. Elemental, invigorating eucalyptus joins with refreshing citrus notes of Italian lemon, lime and bergamot in this crisp, casual scent -- a perfect signature for the active man or woman.

Eucalyptus cologne

Eucalyptus Cologne
Wear your own signature statement with this revitalizing Eucalyptus cologne. Uniquely formulated with aloe vera, jojoba oil and essential oils, it refreshes the skin while adding a layer of fragrance to complement your lifestyle.
Cologne (1.8 fl oz) $28.00

Eucalyptus Foaming Bath
Foaming Bath
Surround yourself with pure herbal fragrances intertwined with an uplifting Eucalyptus aroma. Mounds of bubbles delight your senses, enriched with jojoba oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E, the copious foam creates a private sanctuary that leaves your skin feeling soft and renewed.
Foaming Bath (12 fl oz) $18.00

Eucalyptus Hand Wash

Hand Wash
Fortified with skin-supportive botanicals and enlightened with the fresh and cleansing fragrance of eucalyptus, crisp Italian lemon, lime and petitgrain, Eucalyptus Hand Wash's richly rewarding lather replenishes moisture each and every time you wash your hands.
Hand Wash (8.25 fl oz) $10.00

Eucalyptus body lotion Body Lotion
Eucalyptus Body Lotion is a fragrant, soothing, moisturizing lotion combined with vital essential oils and the rehydrating benefits of jojoba oil, honey and aloe vera. Perfect for all skin types, non-greasy and especially useful during seasonal changes when skin needs extra help maintaining moisture balance.
Body Lotion (8.75 oz) $20.00

Eucalyptus glycerine soap Glycerine Soap
Pure vegetable glycerine and eucalyptus extracts are just the beginning of this moisture-rich, jewel-toned bar. Leaves a light scent that's more citrus than spicy.
Glycerine Soap (1 bar - 6.8 oz) $10.00

Bath Salts Envelope
Stimulate both skin and senses with glowing crystals of mineral-rich sea salt infused with the fresh and cleansing aroma of eucalyptus, crisp Italian lemon, lime and petitgrain. Thoroughly soothing the body, while leaving you feeling positive, alive and entirely in the moment.
Bath Salts Envelope (2 oz) $5.00

Aromatic Candle
aromatic decorative candle
No ordinary illumination, Eucalyptus Aromatic Candles are perfect with perfume-quality fragrance that fills a room with pure Herbal Metaphors themes. The frosted glass container is both understated and distinctive, and easy complement to any decor.

Home Fragrance Mist Home Fragrance Mist
An abundant burst of herbal ambience enlivens rooms, bed linens, closets, an office or weekend home...uplift your surroundings with refreshing dimensions of scent.
(85g) $14.00

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