Herbal Metaphors

Herbal Metaphors Collection
A new interpretation of a timeless pleasure for men and women who appreciate pure aesthetics in everyday living... Herbal Metaphors bath and body care is formulated with vital essences of herbs and flowers and enriched with nourishing ingredients for gentle cleansing and moisturizing every day.

Herbal Metaphors -- where you work and where you live, enhance your life with inspired herbal fragrances, rich in character and layerd for balance in depth and expression. Bringing added dimension to every day living, Herbal Metaphors features rich mixtures of botanicals, renowned in history and affirmed in contemporary times for their nurturing benefits.

  • Aloe Vera
    from the desert aloe plant helps promote skin health and beauty.
  • Pure Vegetable Glycerine
    draws vital moisture to the skin, keeping it supple and minimizing the signs of aging.
  • Jojoba Oil
    lavishly moisturizes skin. Jojoba oil has an emollient structure remarkably similar to skin's own, making it ideal for skin care.
  • Honey
    helps to draw moisture to the skin acting as a natural humectant.
  • Vitamin A
    helps restore balance to dry skin an increase elasticity. Supportive vitamins are important element in health skin.
  • Vitamin E
    lends important antioxidant support, helping to protect skin from damage caused by harmful free radicals.

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus
Elemental, invigorating eucalyptus joins with refreshing citrus notes of Italian lemon, lime and bergamot in this crisp, casual scent -- a perfect signature for the active man or woman.
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Lavender Warm and intimate, this fragrance interpretation wraps classic French lavender in hints of rosewood, clary sage and violet leaf. More than a metaphor for relaxation, this fragrance invites balance throughout the day and evening.
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  • Aloe Vera
  • Avocado
  • Freesia
  • Spring Rain®
  • Rosewater

  • Goldleaf
  • Filigree
  • Island Thymes
  • Herbal Metaphors
  • Sleep Well
  • Green Tea
  • Repairitif
  • Intentions

  • Crab-Apple
  • Fieldberries
  • Clementine-Lavender

  • Elixir of Love No. 1
  • Almond and Aloe
  • Cucumber & Elder Flower
  • Sandalwood
  • Goat's Milk & Honey

  • Berry Buttons
  • Cherish
  • Midnight Moon
  • Tahitian Vanilla

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