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The body's dominate glands are a main factor in the determination of body shape, how and where weight is gained, and what types of food are craved. The four main body types are adrenal (Type A), gonadal (Type G), pituitary (Type P) and thyroid (Type T).

Adrenal (Type A) individuals have stocky builds, tend to be muscular in their arms and legs, and carry excess weight around their torsos. Adrenal type individuals should limit their intake of proteins and heavy carbohydrates, such as meat and potatoes, because these foods typically promote weight gain with Type A body shapes.

Gonadal (Type G) individuals have pear-shaped bodies. They tend to carry excess weight in their legs and rear, and are more narrow around the chest and shoulders. Gonadal type individuals should avoid spicy foods and foods that are high in fat, because these foods typically promote weight gain with Type G body shapes.

Pituitary (Type P) individuals typically have a smaller, younger body shape, and their weight is generally distributed evenly throughout the body. Pituitary type individuals need to limit their intake of dairy products, because these foods typically promote weight gain with Type P body shapes.

Thyroid (Type T) individuals generally have an over-active metabolism. They are usually tall with long limbs and retain weight around the waist. Thyroid type individuals should avoid excess sugar, refined carbohydrates and caffeinated beverages, because these foods typically promote weight gain with Type T body shapes.

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