Walking for health

Fitness walking has become increasingly popular over the last decade. If you can't run or just don't like jogging, fitness walking can help you achieve many goals, especially cardiovascular health.

A brisk walk will burn the same amount of calories per mile that jogging does (approximately 100 calories). Because it's important to increase your heart rate during fitness walking, it's important to walk in areas with an incline, avoiding extremely flat areas.

Walking is a great sport because you can include friends, family and pets or just do it by yourself. There are benefits to having a walking partner, one of the best being motivation.

Anyone can participate in fitness walking. It's something you can do any time, morning, noon or night. Plus, you don't need to buy expensive equipment to get started. In fact, fitness walking is the most inexpensive sport in which you can participate.

When you first start out, remember that you many not be in the best of shape. Start out slow, and before you know it you'll increase your distance and see great results. Make sure to listen to your body to avoid overexertion and muscle strain. Remember that stretching before and after each walk improves circulation and prevents muscle soreness. Finally, set realistic goals and enjoy yourself.

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