Shopping For Health

It's never been easier to shop at your local grocery store for healthy food. Thanks to the Food and Drug Administration, standardized nutrition labels are on every food product found on the shelf.

Nutrition labels have made our lives much easier. They allow us to buy foods that meet our specific nutrition requirements, including shedding unwanted pounds, lowering cholesterol and generally eating healthier.

Each label tell us how much fat a certain product contains and the amount (in grams) of saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These labels also provide information about the nutrients, sodium, protein, fiber and calories contained in each serving.

When you are shopping, it's important to compare labels. You'll notice, for example, which cheese, meat, cereal, pasta sauce and tortillas are the healthiest in their respective groups. You should shop for content and beware of gimmicks, giveaways or sales.

As consumers become more health conscious, we can appreciate food labels even more. If you are trying to loose weight and keep your fat intake under 40 grams per day, or if it's important to maintain low sodium or sugar levels, these labels have made shopping easier.

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